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Renon Cloud

Renon Cloud, as your energy assistant, is a cloud platform for online real-time monitoring and management of battery system.
We offer PC and mobile support. You can set up different operating environments for different clients, and end users can monitor the battery operation status in real time via Renon Cloud, the battery and inverter matching situation, query the faulty equipment information, set the battery parameters, adjust the network configuration, etc.

Renon Cloud
Renon Cloud Renon Cloud Renon Cloud Renon Cloud
Renon Cloud Renon Cloud Renon Cloud Renon Cloud
Renon Cloud Renon Cloud Renon Cloud Renon Cloud


It is the most crucial, comprehensive, and real-time interface. End users can view the details of ESS (pv, grid, loads as well as batteries) or query the ESS running mode, whether it's self-supply, off-grid or peak shaving and valley filling; and the operation of the master controller and battery module.



On this page, we present the load's battery usage status, total power generation, power consumption and other information to end users in a quantified and visualized way, in order to achieve an image, specific and intuitive monitoring effect.



This page mainly provides technical support work. End users can modify device parameters, query alarm information, or apply for repairs here.



End users can connect devices and check network connection status on this page after logging into the system. A variety of general support functions are available, such as checking the device model, series number, startup date, privacy policy, way to reach us, etc.

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