Memorable RE plus 22 journey in California

Release time: Sep 25, 2022

Renon Power, a supplier of energy storage battery systems facing the global energy storage market, concluded a three-day international solar show (now RE+) this week.


At the show, Renon showed customers its full line of home energy storage systems, including but not limited to Xtreme 2.0, high-voltage Eblock, and also showed Renon in the field of microgrid energy storage outstanding products. It is worth mentioning that as an active participant in the clean energy industry, Renon attaches great importance to climate issues and fleet transformation solutions, and its EV charging solution Smart Pile has attracted market attention since its launch and has been warmly welcomed by customers.

· Renon Power introduces its new module stacking battery system

Adriana Wong, Director of Marketing at Renon, said: "The new generation of Xtreme battery systems has a bidirectional DCDC converter embedded in it. On the basis of the original safety and reliability, it has increased the stability and efficiency of operation, and also extended the service life of the product. The biggest feature of Xtreme battery pack is the modular stacking design, which can be easily installed and allows users to choose the number of modules according to specific power distribution needs. This battery system can be stably paired with the mainstream inverters on the market, reducing compatibility concerns for customers. At the same time, its lithium iron phosphate (LFP) material gives it greater stability and safety as well as longer durability. ”

In addition, Renon Xtreme 2.0 is also equipped with a cloud platform, which is a key step on the road to smart management.

"We are witnessing a rapid growth in global demand for storage systems, especially the electrification of transportation is set to boost the need for solar energy buildout. Against the backdrop of soaring electricity prices and the maturation of lithium battery technology, the installation of energy storage systems is becoming more popular around the world. Soon, we will also be bringing this forward-looking solution to the European and South African markets, where there is huge potential for energy storage," Wong concluded.


·About Renon Power

Renon Power Technology Inc. stands as an American enterprise with a global view. Based in America, we also have several sales offices, product centers, joint-venture factories, and wholly-owned subsidiaries around the world, which aim to offer more complete and quicker service. Renon is committed to providing you with safe, light-weighted, and long-lasting green energy products.


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