Building Energy Resilience Together in Poland

Release time: Oct 30, 2023

Our microgrid team is currently visiting clients in Poland to discuss customized energy solutions for maximizing their energy resilience and sustainability. 

On Oct. 26th, our sales director Jan and Shubo is having an in-depth discussion with representatives from a leading renewable energy company in Poland. It is an ideal partner for us to jointly develop robust microgrid projects that integrate renewable power, energy storage, and load management.

During the meeting, Jan introduced our cutting-edge microgrid system, advanced battery systems, and comprehensive microgrid software platforms. Customer showed great interest in our innovative products and flexible solutions that can optimize their customers' energy management and help build grid-independent green energy networks.

Both parties believe Poland has enormous growth potential for microgrids, with the country’s rising focus on energy independence and carbon neutrality goals. We look forward to building strong partnerships with local companies, and providing Polish customers with reliable, sustainable energy through scalable microgrid systems.

The vibrant microgrid market worldwide reaffirms the immense value of building energy resilience. We will continue visiting partners globally, engaging deeply with local needs, and delivering customized solutions for empowering businesses and communities with uninterrupted clean power.


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