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Renonpower is committed to delivering superior products and customer experience. We work closely with clients to understand their requirements and provide tailored solutions that meet or surpass expectations. Our experienced engineers promptly address any technical questions with expertise. Over the past decade, Renonpower has leveraged innovation and vertical integration to become a premium provider of intelligent power and energy storage solutions. We continually refine our capacities through R&D to better serve our clients.Renonpower believes customer satisfaction defines a company's worth.
  • 2017
    Renon Power Technology Inc. was established to develop innovative solutions for uninterruptible power supply. Initially, our main focus was on providing UPS solutions to clients.

  • 2018
    We began researching and developing core technologies, including technology for BMS.
  • 2019
    We built on our technical progress and started producing and evaluating new energy storage systems. Following in-depth studies of the market, we pivoted to concentrate on home energy storage solutions and microgrid technology as the central pillars of our business.
  • 2020
    With all these efforts, we started to apply for diversified certification and patents in order to meet national standards.
  • 2021
    Our brand established, Renon Power. Our brand promotion work began, aiming to open the gate to international markets. During these years, our exploration of new technology and innovation has never stopped.
  • 2022
    We have passed UL 9540, UL1973, UL 1741 SA, UL 1642, CA Rule 21, IEEE 1547, IEEE 1547.1, UN 38.3, IEE E1547a-2003/2014 and so forth. In 2021, our sales efforts have achieved initial success and we have shipped out over 23MWh of energy capacity in 2021.
    Our target is to “Make Green Power within Reach”, aiming to offer economical and sustainable energy for the world. In the future, we will continuously provide our top-class production and services for international clients.
  • 2023
    In 2023, we aims to achieve $150 million in sales revenue from household energy storage, $30 million in sales revenue from micro-grid energy storage, and continuously pursue professionalism by obtaining more and higher standard certifications. We will also improve the supporting investment of our subsidiaries in North America, Europe, and Japan to ensure that they have the ability to sell, market, provide technical support, and manage inventory.

Global Market Distribution

  • United States
  • Europe(Office)
  • China(HQ,Production)
  • South Africa
  • Japan(Office)
  • Australia
  • Southeast Asia(Office)

Business layout

    • Customer order management
    • Material information allocation
    • Production plan
    • Production schedule
    • Quality control
    • Lead time tracking
    • Intelligent MES
    • Intelligent MES
    • Intelligent MES
  • Digital Production Plant
    Digital Production Plant
    • 18,000 m2
      Usable area
    • TS16949
    • 20,000
      sets 5kwh modules monthly
      (40,000 sets per month by end of 2023)
    Digital Production Plant


  • Certificates
  • Certificates
  • Certificates
  • Certificates
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