Eco-Luxury Living: Apartments with EV Charging Stations

Release time: Jun 30, 2023

It may be difficult to charge an electric vehicle at home if you don't have a garage or driveway. Apartment complexes will need to install EV charging stations as the number of residents who use electric vehicles grows.

There has been a significant shift in recent years toward eco-luxury housing, with an increased emphasis on environmentally friendly features and sustainable practices. Having accessible charging alternatives is becoming increasingly vital as the number of EVs on the road increases. The article discusses how electric vehicle charging stations are increasingly being installed in eco-luxury complexes so that residents can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Are electric vehicle charging stations available in your apartment?

To be clear, the current EV charging infrastructure is geared for private residences. Renters cannot take advantage of the rebates and tax credits available in some states for installing a home charging station.

However, this does not mean that apartment dwellers who own electric vehicles are completely out of luck.

Whether you live in a townhome or condo with dedicated parking or a huge apartment complex with communal parking, your options for plugging in your electric vehicle will likely differ. You can choose between these two standard methods of charging.

-Level 1 charging

If you don't have access to an EV charging station at your place of residence, the simplest option for keeping your car charged is to use a regular 120-volt household wall socket. We call this "Level 1" pricing.

This is simple if your parking area is close to an outside electrical outlet, but it can be more challenging if you park on the street. Some EV drivers have gotten ingenious with how they charge their vehicles, stringing extension cords out the window, across the street, and even up a tree.

There are two problems with this solution that make it less than ideal. The slowest EV charging technique, and perhaps a safety danger that could irritate your landlord. It may take up to 24 hours to fully charge your car's battery using a Level 1 charger.

-Level 2 charging

Most EV owners choose to install a Level 2 charging station in their garages since it allows for a quicker charge (at 240 volts) than the first option. A full charge from a level 2 charger should take no more than 10 hours.


It can be worthwhile to install a charging station yourself if you have a dedicated parking space and intend to remain at your current address for an extended period of time.


However, most tenants will find it more convenient to find a place that provides a communal charging station for all residents.


To accommodate the needs of various renters, these apartments may require the use of a membership card or an electric vehicle charging app to reserve a spot, calculate electricity usage, and receive a notification when the battery is fully charged.

How to find apartments with EV Charging

You may use a variety of apps, from Tesla's Supercharger network to hotels with EV charging, to locate charging alternatives for your electric vehicle while you're on the road.


Finding a rental that offers electric vehicle charging stations might be challenging. The right apartment is out there, and here are some ways to find it.

1. Begin Your Search Promptly

Finding an apartment with an electric vehicle charging station requires planning ahead. Even in a slowing rental market, competition will be high due to the scarcity of available flats with electric vehicle charging stations.

It might be useful to call around to other housing complexes and inquire about EV charging rates. Again, you should begin your search in plenty of time for the property managers to either contact you or put your name to a waiting list.

2. Be Ready to Strike Fast

If you need an apartment with an electric vehicle charging station, you may not have much time to look. If you discover a place that suits you, be prepared to sign a lease by having the required paperwork, proof of employment, identification, a bank statement, and references on hand.


Apartment hunting during the off-season can be a good option if your schedule is flexible. The apartment market is often most competitive in the spring and summer. Rents tend to be lower and vacancy rates higher during the winter because fewer individuals are wanting to move.


3. Know Where to Look

It's helpful to know where to seek for a place to live that has electric vehicle charging stations installed. Newer or more affluent apartment complexes in urban areas are more likely to have electric vehicle charging stations.

Local EV enthusiasts can be found anywhere. Find local electric vehicle owners who are in-the-know by asking around on Reddit or Facebook.

4. Observe Any New Buildings

As a bonus for tenants and to address the need for more sustainable, green living, many apartment complexes are installing EV chargers. Be on the lookout for newly built or renovated apartments if you have some leeway in your search for a place to live. Get in touch with the property management and inquire about signing a lease early so that you can be there for the grand opening.

5. Stay Alert for Rental Fraud

There is a darker side to apartment buildings with amazing amenities like electric vehicle charging stations, despite all the benefits. Rental scams sometimes target highly sought after housing. Be wary of any apartment that charges you to visit the unit or requires a deposit before you sign a lease.

EV Charging alternatives to apartment

Not everyone has the financial means to buy and install an electric vehicle (EV) charger in their flat, and not everyone has the time to work out the details with their building's management. If you want to go behind the wheel of a green car, what other choices do you have?

Public charging stations

There may be alternative charging stations in the area that will suffice if you don't have EV charging at your flat. Perhaps you can get free charging at your local library, gym, or grocery store.

For regular EV users, this is not a viable option because of the necessity to leave the car plugged in overnight.

If you decide to go this route, seek out Level 2 charging facilities rather than DC fast chargers. There's always the temptation to charge your battery as soon as possible, but doing so can actually hasten its deterioration.

charging at work

You can also charge your device while at work. A Level 2 charge can be completed in a single workday if your workplace provides a charging station. If other employees also need to charge their automobiles, your employer may be more open than your apartment building manager to establishing a charging station.

Choose the right EV for your apartment

Electric vehicle (EV) owners may worry about the difficulty of locating a suitable dwelling with an EV charging station, but this should not deter them from purchasing an EV. After all, there are numerous smaller electric vehicles that easily fit into tight garages, and there are also long-range electric vehicles that can go further between charges.


And if you're worried about finding a place to charge your electric vehicle, a hybrid or plug-in hybrid gives you the flexibility of filling up at a gas station.

Pros of apartment with EV chargers

If you drive an electric car, you know the advantages and disadvantages of parking it in a city apartment garage. The benefits and drawbacks of moving are outlined here.

Easy Access

It's convenient to have an Easy Access EV charger right in your apartment building. Simply find an appropriate charging spot, plug in, and relax while your car recharges.

Possibly with No Extra Expenses

EV charging facilities are available for free in some residential buildings. Therefore, you can save money on gas and on parking because there is no fee to plug in.

Don't Have to Worry About Charging

Despite the growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), convenient charging outlets might be hard to come by. Having a charging station in your apartment building is a major plus because it saves you time and stress.

Enjoy Modern Amenities

Although there are always exceptions, you can expect other up-to-date features in apartments that offer EV chargers. If electric vehicle chargers are available, the building is more likely to provide other amenities, such as a rooftop patio or a fitness center.

Cons of Apartments with EV Chargers

Now that you know the benefits of EV charger-equipped apartments, you should weigh them against any potential drawbacks.

Limited Stations

Unfortunately, not all complexes are making the transition to EVs as rapidly as some motorists would want. Therefore, it's possible that not many apartment buildings offer this convenience.

If you're lucky enough to land a rental that has electric vehicle charging, you'll soon learn that availability is low. Even though the complex contains hundreds of units, there may only be a small number of them. Because of this, you might have to wait or come up with a charging schedule.

Possible Extra Expenses

The availability of EV chargers varies greatly. Therefore, you might have to pay more, either in the form of rent or a separate fee. You should be aware of the possible costs, even though the rates may be lower than for conventional fuel.

Potentially Less Rapid Charging

Apartment complexes that offer electric vehicle charging stations are likely to have a more diverse tenant pool, but this does not guarantee that the chargers themselves are cutting edge. The charging stations could be slow and inconvenient. It could take a while if many locals are using the charging stations at once.

It's possible that the lease's payment terms are unclear.

If your landlord is just getting into the EV rental business, they may not have a solid plan in place for when the charging stations break. Should they make the effort to rectify it? Ask about the charging stations and whether or not they will require maintenance or additional fees if more electric vehicle tenants move in after you sign the lease.

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