Lithium-Ion Battery Applications And Advantages

Release time: May 06, 2019

Image: Liam Stoker

Lithium-ion batteries seem to be all the rage. This is mainly because batteries can be deployed in different places. From small smartphone batteries to energy storage systems for microgrids, lithium-ion batteries have found many takers. But what makes these types of batteries so versatile and efficient? Well, to understand this, we first have to look at the structural makeup of the battery itself.


What is a Li-Ion battery and what's inside a Li-Ion battery pack?


From tiny lithium-ion batteries that power smartwatches to large lithium-ion batteries that power the grid, these batteries are always made up of four different components: the anode, cathode, electrolyte, and separator. 


For lithium-ion batteries, the metallic lithium forms the cathode, and the chemical reaction of the lithium when it comes into contact with the electrolyte gives these batteries their properties. 


However, it is important to note that lithium itself is a highly unstable element when used in battery devices. Therefore, for practical purposes, a combination of lithium and oxygen, called lithium oxide, is used as the cathode. This is because lithium oxide is a more stable compound compared to elemental lithium.


The cathode plays a huge role in determining the characteristics of the battery. Both the capacity and voltage of the battery depending on the type of active material coated on the cathode. In this case, the active material contains lithium ions. The higher the number of ions, the higher the capacity; the higher the potential difference between the cathode and the anode, the higher the voltage.


Lithium-ion battery separators separate the cathode from the anode, otherwise, not only would there be no current flow, but the safety of the entire system would be compromised.


Applications of lithium Ion batteries


As mentioned above, lithium-ion batteries come in all shapes and sizes. This makes them perfect for meeting power needs, no matter the size of the system. In addition to this, Li-ion batteries also offer a variety of power solutions ranging from energy storage solutions to portable energy solutions. Some of the most common applications for lithium-ion batteries are:


Backup power/UPS


Common consumer electronic products such as mobile phones and notebook computers


Electric vehicles


Grid energy storage system


Since lithium-ion batteries are used for many purposes, it comes in different types of packaging. However, using lithium-ion batteries has some general advantages over other conventional batteries.


Advantages of Lithium-Ion Batteries


High energy density: One of the biggest advantages of lithium-ion batteries is their high energy density. To put it bluntly, Li-Ion batteries can last longer between charges while maintaining high current output. This makes it the perfect battery for most modern needs. As we spend more and more time on our phones, lithium-ion batteries ensure that we are always on the go with minimal time spent on the charging cord.


Low self-discharge: Not only when in use, but Li-Ion batteries also have a distinct advantage when not in use. When idle, the self-discharge rate (a common phenomenon in batteries) is extremely low. In fact, in most cases, this is as good as negligence.


Low maintenance costs: Lithium-ion batteries are also popular for their low maintenance batteries.


Variety: One of the greatest strengths of lithium-ion batteries is that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes - giving users plenty of options to choose from according to their needs.


The above introduces the applications and advantages of lithium-ion batteries. If you want to know more about lithium-ion batteries or want to buy them, please contact us.


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