Solar & Storage Live 2022 Review

Release time: Oct 25, 2022

On October 18-20, Renon Power Technology enjoyed a pleasant journey at Solar & Storage Live 2022, which is a long-been largest event for manufacturers, developers and installers -- bringing together the Solar, Storage and EV industries to power the energy system of the future.

During the live show, a good many visitors stopped by the M1 booth because of the eye-catching Renon solutions.

The UK's solar, storage and EV industries are going from strength to strength.

Indeed, the true potential of renewable and solar energy in the UK has started to be realized and the industry has gained direct government support. Witnessed the positive policy moves on, the post-subsidy UK solar markets continue to grow.

And the analysis from Solar Energy UK shows that, under the right circumstances, the UK can achieve 40GW of solar PV capacity by 2030, and the role batteries can play will also be continued highlighted.

· Renon Power - Xtreme Series

The Xtreme series is a much-attracted in the Renon booth, fitting for HV and LV systems, and its modular design makes it a no-doubt flexible residential energy management member.

It only needs one eave, then can be quietly attached to the wall to provide you with powerful energy storage and charging and discharging services. Each battery module is neatly connected together by stacking, eliminating the possibility of loosening under the side lock plate, and this way also makes the installation simple and fast.

Renon - Xtreme is compatible with the market's mainstream inverters and operates reliably and efficiently, making it a reassuring product for owners.

Both the legacy and latest versions of the Xtreme are currently on sale, and the only difference is that the latest product has the dynamic current equalizing technology that improves the battery life and performance.

· Renon Power - EBlock

Equally impressive, the Renon All-in-one EBlock, which includes the European standard three-phase and the American standard split-phase version, both with a nominal energy of 20.48kWh. 

EBlock series mainly consists of battery modules, a hybrid inverter and a master controller.

With intelligent self-innovated EMS, it also supports remote setting and monitoring, firmware upgrades and data statistics as well. Since its launch, EBlock has been widely known as an integrated, smart and considerate home storage product, that addresses the owner's energy storage concerns as a one-click solution.

Long been focused on the UK, and to respond to the country’s low carbon appeals, Renon Power Technology is putting more effort to offer better services and solutions. Featuring three-day content and seeing the great collaboration happening in the UK, Renon will firmly establish its place to help realize net-zero carbon emission and bring a cleaner future.


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