Smart Martrix DC

Distributed Liquid Cooling System

  • Nominal Energy 372.736kWh
  • Nominal DC Voltage 1331.2Vdc
  • Nominal Dc Power 200kW
  • Battery Voltage Range 1248~1476.8V
  • Max. DC Voltage 1500Vdc
  • Max. DC Current 200A
  • Max. System Efficiency 99%
  • Thermal Management (Battery) Liquid Cooling
  • Rated Power 2800kW
  • Rated Current 2800A
  • Max. Dc Voltage 1500Vdc
  • AC Access/Output Channel 16/1
  • Communication Interface Ethernet, WiFi, 4G
  • Enclosure IP65
  • Circuit safety management including fast break and anti-arc protection

  • Equipped with PCS control cabinet

  • Liquid cooling technology to ensure safety and efficiency

Great Micro-grid Resilience with Renon Smart Matrix

With robust design, redundant energy sources, energy storage systems, advanced control systems, and effective communication among stakeholders, Renon Smart Matrix can quickly recover from disruptions or disturbances and maintain its critical functions.


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