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What Are the Applications of Lithium Batteries As a Distributed Energy Storage System?

What Are the Applications of Lithium Batteries As a Distributed Energy Storage System?

Issue Time:2021/12/01
the specific application of lithium batteries as a distributed energy storage system

The scale of the lithium battery industry is rapidly expanding and the price is rapidly falling, and the application of lithium batteries as a distributed energy storage system is gradually increasing. From the current energy storage components available, lithium batteries are a more suitable choice, especially for user-side energy storage.

The advantages of lithium batteries as energy storage components such as high energy density and long life are gradually emerging. The following is the specific application of lithium batteries as a distributed energy storage system.

The distributed energy storage system is mainly divided into two parts: electric energy storage unit and energy storage supporting facilities. Distributed energy storage systems drive the demand for energy storage lithium batteries.

Because of their high energy density, wide operating temperature range, no memory effect, fast charging and discharging, and environmental friendliness, energy storage lithium batteries are prominent, and their production costs are decreasing year by year. The technological level continues to improve, and lithium batteries will account for an increasing proportion of the energy storage market.

The distributed power system is light and flexible, deployed on-demand, and easy to manage. It uses lithium batteries for energy storage, effectively improving space utilization, reducing the load-bearing requirements of the computer room, extending the service life, and saving users' initial investment.

Cooperating with the energy management system, the on-demand scheduling of power supply resources can be achieved. Power is provided by the backup lithium iron phosphate battery pack to ensure an uninterrupted power supply.

The distributed lithium battery energy storage project guarantees the safe, stable, and efficient operation of the entire energy storage system through real-time data monitoring and analysis, and early warning.

The distributed energy storage system market mainly supports photovoltaic power generation. In the field of photovoltaic and wind power energy storage, the installed capacity of lithium batteries accounts for the largest proportion, with a market share of more than 60%.

Main application modes of distributed energy storage power stations

Mode 1: shifting peaks and filling valleys, reducing electricity prices

Install distributed energy storage power stations on the power demand side, store electricity during low valley hours, and supply power to electric loads during peak hours, and use the "peak-to-valley price difference" to significantly reduce power users' electricity bills. Through investment in the construction and operation of energy storage power stations, the transferred electricity will provide users with a discount of 0.05-0.1 yuan/kWh.

Mode 2: Supplement the gap capacity

Limited by the power supply capacity of the power grid, power users often encounter the problem of insufficient power capacity, which restricts the healthy operation and development of industrial and commercial enterprises. The energy storage power station is built on the demand side to flexibly supplement the power gap capacity of users so that users can carry out normal business or expand their business scale.

The configuration capacity and operation mode of the energy storage power station will be designed according to the actual needs of users, and the benefits will be reasonably shared with users.

Mode 3: Emergency power supply + energy storage

It can be realized that when the external power supply fails, the lithium battery energy storage power station can be used as a large-capacity backup power source to provide power for several hours to the electrical load, avoiding the huge loss caused by the power failure, and effectively improving the reliability of the user's power consumption. This application mode is being applied to more and more power users and has produced significant benefits.

With the gradual advancement of microgrids and new energy power generation, distributed energy storage systems will enjoy a broader market. If you want to learn more about distributed energy storage systems after reading the above, you can contact us for more comprehensive solutions.

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