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What Are the Applications of Lithium Battery Energy Storage Systems in the Power Industry?

What Are the Applications of Lithium Battery Energy Storage Systems in the Power Industry?

Issue Time:2021/11/26
the application scenarios of lithium battery energy storage systems in the power industry

In electrochemical energy storage, lithium-ion batteries dominate by virtue of their superior energy density and cycle performance. In the field of electrochemical energy storage, lithium-ion batteries and lead-acid batteries are the two main energy storage technologies. Among the newly added electrochemical energy storage battery installed power in 2018, 70-80% are lithium-ion batteries.

Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries have the advantages of a long battery life cycle, lower electricity costs, high energy density, high cycle times, better energy loss and toughness, and are environmentally friendly. On the whole, lithium battery energy storage represents the main technical direction of the future development of the electrochemical energy storage industry.

Lithium-ion battery energy storage systems have a wide range of application scenarios in the power industry. Lithium-ion energy storage application scenarios can be divided into the following three main types: power generation side, power grid side, and user side.

Power generation side

Energy storage power stations can store electricity during valleys and release electricity at peak times to fill the power gap during peak electricity consumption. Compared with the construction of gas and electricity to balance the volatility of renewable energy, lithium battery energy storage power stations have a short construction period, less investment, and flexible deployment, which is conducive to the consumption of new energy.

Power grid side

The energy storage power station is like a super-capacity "power bank" with a short response time, which can realize large-scale storage and rapid release of electric energy. The energy storage system participates in power auxiliary services on the grid side, such as peak shaving, frequency modulation, and backup, to ensure the stable operation of the grid, especially for seasonal and temporal load gaps.

User side

Industry and commerce use user-side energy storage projects to store power during valley hours and use during peak hours to reduce electricity costs. In particular, if the electric vehicle charging station matches the energy storage system, the peak-to-valley price difference can be used for arbitrage to verify the feasibility and synergy of the energy storage charging station or the solar + energy storage charging station.

With the popularization and application of renewable energy, the complex power structure of the power system, and the construction of smart grids, the energy storage market has developed rapidly, driven by technological progress and market-oriented reform of the power system, especially the lithium battery system. Energy storage has been widely used on the user side. If you want to know more about the lithium battery energy storage system after reading the above, RENON is happy to provide you with professional solutions.

As an experienced manufacturer of lithium battery products, RENON has independent research and development capabilities and is committed to providing users with safe, lightweight, and long-lasting green energy products. We take the needs of customers first, and constantly adjust and optimize the design plan. We are also equipped with a professional manufacturing team and a strict quality inspection system, which can control the quality of the products in an all-round way. If you want to know more about related services, please contact us immediately!

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