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Energy Storage Lithium Battery Vs Power Lithium Battery

Energy Storage Lithium Battery Vs Power Lithium Battery

Issue Time:2021/08/13
Energy Storage Lithium Battery Vs Power Lithium Battery

In fact, if it is not so strictly speaking, the power lithium battery is actually a kind of energy storage battery. However, energy storage lithium batteries and power lithium batteries are actually not the same in terms of performance requirements and applications. The following will specifically introduce the difference between the two through several aspects.

Application scenario

From the perspective of application scenarios, power lithium batteries are mainly used in electric vehicles, electric bicycles, and other electric tools, while energy storage lithium batteries are mainly used in peak and frequency modulation power auxiliary services, renewable energy grid-connected, and micro-grid fields.

Performance requirements

Because of different application scenarios, battery performance requirements are also different. First of all, as a mobile power source, the power lithium battery has as high a requirement as possible for the volume (and mass) energy density under the premise of safety, in order to achieve a more durable endurance. At the same time, users also hope that electric vehicles can be safely and quickly charged. 

Therefore, power lithium batteries have higher requirements for energy density and power density. Only for safety reasons, energy-type batteries with a charge and discharge capacity of about 1C are generally used.

Most energy storage devices don’t need to move, so energy storage lithium batteries have no direct requirements for energy density. However, different energy storage scenarios have different requirements for power density.

It is used for power peak shaving, off-grid photovoltaic energy storage, or peak-to-valley energy storage scenarios on the user side. Generally, the energy storage battery needs to be continuously charged or continuously discharged for more than two hours, so it is suitable to use the capacity type with a charge-discharge rate ≤0.5C Battery. 

For energy storage scenarios with power frequency modulation or smoothing of renewable energy fluctuations, the energy storage battery needs to be quickly charged and discharged in a time period of seconds to minutes, so it is suitable for applications with ≥2C power batteries. In some application scenarios that need to undertake both frequency modulation and peak shaving, energy-type batteries are more suitable. Of course, power-type and capacity-type batteries can also be used together in this scenario.

Service life

Compared with power lithium batteries, energy storage lithium batteries have higher requirements for service life. The life span of new energy vehicles is generally 5-8 years, while the life span of energy storage projects is generally expected to be greater than 10 years. The cycle life of the power lithium battery is 1000-2000 times, and the cycle life of the energy storage lithium battery is generally required to be greater than 3,500 times.


In terms of cost, power lithium batteries face competition with traditional fuel power sources, while energy storage lithium batteries need to face the cost competition of traditional peak and frequency modulation technologies. In addition, the scale of energy storage power stations is basically above the megawatt level or even 100 megawatts. Therefore, the cost of energy storage lithium batteries is lower than that of power lithium batteries, and the safety requirements are also higher.

The power lithium battery and the energy storage lithium battery are the same from the point of view of the battery. Both lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary lithium batteries can be used. The main difference lies in the BMS battery management system. If you want to know more about the lithium battery energy storage system after reading the above, you can contact us for professional solutions.

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