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Monitor your battery system from wherever you are in the world by using the all-new Renon Cloud. Choose what times your battery charges and change system settings with the tap of a button.

Renon Cloud

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Real-time monitoring

Renon Cloud, which was developed by Renon's R&D team, enables remote monitoring for the full range of your energy storage system. A simple plug-in device will allow end-users to view the performance of their system anywhere in the world with a simple click.

Choose the charging time or renewal the system settings with a simple tap. Everything is possible and convenient on the Renon Cloud.

Wherever you are

If you have a Wi-Fi connection, whenever and wherever possible, You can check up on Renon Cloud for your ESS about the real-time information and modify the settings.

Whichever platform you use

Renon Cloud is accessible via App or Web browser, whichever platform you prefer, this system will always help you monitor your power system security.

Whatever you want to know

Check the status of your battery, view live data and the historical performance or receive the detailed email reports regarding the systems status, the intelligent cloud can help you handle all of these requirements and provided whatever information about the operating parameters you want to know from your device.


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