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Community Energy Storage System

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Community Energy Storage System
The high cost of end-user energy storage systems still frustrates many households, even though the cost has dropped significantly in the last two years. Community Energy Storage (CES) may be a wise solution to provide reliable and affordable energy to homes. Homeowners may not have to pay for the purchase and installation of battery energy storage systems by themselves. At the same time, community batteries can also provide larger economies of scale than household batteries, with lower capital, installation, and maintenance costs.

Economical Green Life

Used for self-consumption, peak valley arbitrage, etc., our community energy storage solution adopts LiFePO4 batteries with a cycle life of more than ten years which makes it more economical. It will provide residents with reliable and affordable energy when they need it.

Micro Grid Management

Adopt a modular design and an intelligent management system to easily support the parallel connection of systems and meet flexible capacity requirements. The megawatt-level solution creates a smart community energy storage system with a strong monitoring system perfectly realizing full-range monitoring.

Emergency Power Supply

Automatically switch to the off-grid power supply to supply power for external emergency loads when the grid is offline or unstable. Make sure to provide you with a fast, reliable, and safe power system in the event of a power outage threat.

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