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BTC Energy Storage System

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BTC Energy Storage System
80% of the cost of a bitcoin mining system is the cost of electricity. With the price of photovoltaic and battery prices falling, the cooperation between bitcoin system and the PV system becomes possible. In this way, we can get rid of the power grid and use new energy to generate electricity for mining bitcoin.

Renewable Energy Generation

Utilizing renewable energy to generate electricity in mining work can extremely save the cost. Our BTC energy storage solutions, which use LiFePO4 cells with high safety and long cycle life, can offer you a reliable and stable power system.

Outdoor Energy Storage

The BTC energy storage systems from RENON Energy have high protection levels that can adapt to high/low temperature and outdoor environments. It also supports capacity expansion and power expansion to meet your different demands on the power supply. And the built-in intelligent BMS, which is R&D by our teams, can protect your battery systems in all aspects.

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