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IDC Energy Storage System

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IDC Energy Storage System
With the development of internet data storage, the power supply of data centers is becoming more and more important. The IDC ESS, which can improve the efficiency of the network operation, has become an important part of the power supply security of the IDC. A reliable and durable backup power system ensures the safe storage of data and the continuous operation of IDC.

Energy Storage

RENON Energy has focused on R&D of energy storage for many years, our batteries, which have more than 3500 times cycle life, are developed especially for modular UPS, the internal LFP batteries have high safety.

Backup Power

IDC generally has some sets of backup power systems due to their wide coverage. Compared with the disadvantages of traditional lead-acid batteries that are large and heavy, the lithium iron phosphate battery power system occupies a small space and is convenient and quick to expand. RENON Energy has sufficient product lines, which are ideal lithium battery systems, for short backup time UPS is capable to provide reliable power supply critical loads for 15min.

Off-gird Power Supply

When the grid is offline, the storage system should automatically switch to off-grid powering in less than 1s, for external emergency load powering. This is very crucial to protecting your database, our solutions ensure your data storage needs and protect your data security.

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