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Micro-grid Energy Storage System

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Micro-grid Energy Storage System
In order to face the rising electricity costs and access to incentives through energy market programs, today’s enterprises are integrating energy storage to manage their exposure to the grid strategically. Micro-grid energy storage has capable of storing large amounts of electricity for consumption on-demand and supplying power in off-grid situations.

Off-grid Power Supply

When the grid is offline or unstable, the storage system should automatically switch to off-grid powering in less than 1s, for external emergency load powering. Ensuring your power supply on unstable power grid area offer reliable and secure power systems for you.

Small Capacity Site

The small capacity site always has limited space for installing power systems. Our micro-grid system can be installed on the wall or pole to cover different scenarios and maximize utilized space. The traditional lead-acid battery is not an ideal solution for this kind of backup power system due to its size and weight. In addition, high temperatures, frequent deep discharges, overcharges, and over-discharges will reduce the service life of lead-acid batteries, resulting in increased costs for the purchase, transportation, and maintenance of new batteries. Our lithium battery backup power system can respond immediately after a power failure, ensure the operation of the load, reduce the failure rate and loss, and improve customer satisfaction.

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