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Household Energy Storage System

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Household Energy Storage System
In recent years, with the increasing awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, household energy storage system has begun to play a critical role in residential electricity. Therefore, the demands for various types and quantities of Household Energy Storage systems have greatly increased.

Residential Grid-tie Solar with Backup Power

In household energy storage demands, not only the security and convenience of products are important, but also the aesthetical needs are quite significant in the residential scene. Renon energy bends our efforts to offer secure power for your home with reliability during grid outages by retrofitting your grid-tied system with backup power using proven Renon’s solutions. Moreover, we aim to provide you with beautiful product designs and customized designs to meet your decoration style.


The home ESS series from Renon can satisfy your self-consumption, this series of products will maximize the consumption of solar energy systems. It can store the electricity generated by the roof solar system during the day, and use the stored electricity to power the house as needed. When the PV power is low or none, load consumption should take power from the battery first, and from the grid as little as possible.

Community Electrification

Renon's home ESS products support 63 modules to be used in parallel on cabinet-level to applicate to community electrification. And the backup power code control is less than 1s, which is sufficient for frequency regulation and peak shaving among areas.

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